Travel: Cebu to Cavite


I will surely miss Cebu, Philippines. Cebu is really beautiful, plus has lots of wonderful white sand beaches.
What a great place to spend your vacation!


I will miss my parents too! Because currently they live there in Cebu. Wish I could stay and live with them, but my husband is here in Cavite. I miss being their daughter. Or should I say I miss living with them. I love my parents so much, it hurts me to go on with my life without them near me. God knows I do love them. I guess growing up is pretty tough. Especially in decision making.I can’t thank my parents enough. I will miss them both! See you soon NANAY AND TATAY! Goodbye, Cebu! ‘Till our next visit.

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Halloween 2015


Everyone loves trick or treating. But do you all now, how does Halloween start? As far as I know, Halloween is an ancient festival of the dead. My mom told me that it was then when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

I remember when I was 5 years old, me and my cousins used to sing Halloween carolings house after house. In return, people would give us money. After that, we would divide it and buy candies. It’s a local practice here in the Philippines, especially in the provinces. But in other countries they do trick or treating.


This month we also give prayers to our dead loved ones, relatives, or friends. May God lift their souls in the purgatory and live eternally with our Father in heaven.

And for this year’s Halloween celebration, our neighbor organized a small Halloween party for the little ones.  Prices were given, food, cakes, toys, balloons and parlor games. Kids really enjoyed it! My babies even got the best costume award yay! Happy Halloween everyone!




Dining on Buffet 101

a little review on BUFFET 101 @ SM MOA, The “Largest Buffet Restaurant in the Philippines”. It was a great GastronomicalExpirience! What a restaurant for every taste, whether you want to try the modern danish kitchen, the Asian kitchen or the french cuisine. I can’t describe every single dish because there’s too much food! A little bit of everything. From appetizers to the main course. From desserts to drinks. It’s heaven!

Buffet 101


I have never been a huge fan of buffets simply because I never seem to enjoy them much. Too much food to eat all at once that you cannot savour the tastes. Buffet 101 has been the only establishment that I seem to tolerate for the ultimate food binges. They have a good selection of Japanese sushi and sashimi as well as more Asian and continental fares. The salad and dessert bars are also widely varied. Peeps with birthdays eat for free and get a complimentary cake. For the price, you get very good value on the dinner buffet. It’s also good to see a head chef overseeing the kitchen and the different stations, which were refilled very quickly. Portioning is good, and they won’t scrimp when you request for more. We also had some good roast Chinese meats, including duck.  I definitely would recommend this place if you want to food binge.


Big thanks to my Ate Flor for inviting me to come at Ate Chin’s birthday.


Is stay-home Moms lazy?

I’m a stay-at-home mom,YES! and i think I’m not lazy. I clean the house daily, my kids are happy and healthy and I still have time to spend with them. Being home all the time isn’t all that easy either. I’m the person who deals with messes and meltdowns. It can be hard and lonely being separate from your peers and missing adult conversation as well. My husband would agree that I contribute to the maintaining of the household. He may be financially responsible, but I deal with the day-to-day management of the house and have put in my fair share of sweat equity. We don’t have a babysitter or a housekeeper and we eat home cooked meals everyday. To me it just doesn’t feel right or natural for someone else to raise my children. I was there to videotape my kids’ first steps, I am here when my son gets home from school to hear about his day, I am here to eat supper at the table with my family every night. I deal with the mountain laundry. I wash the dishes. I am always here, for whatever they need.Do you think that sounds lazy?

Moms are great at multitasking..they are many things but not lazy!


Moms are great at multitasking..they are many things but not lazy!

Makeup Haul

This is my first makeup haul post. This makeup haul includes the three (3) list of my favorite makeup brands. 1. Maybelline, 2.Avon and 3.Nichido.

This is my first makeup haul post.

New Haul from AVON Cosmetics

1.) Ideal Luminous Pressed Powder in Neutral
-First impression looks like an ordinary pressed powder. Comes in a square shaped, black compact and has a thin sponge inside.When I tried it, feels light, has this matte finish and a little bit luminous. Doesn’t have that pungent smell.
Not long lasting so you have to retouch for an hour max. This one is for P329 only (Regular price P395).


2.)Ideal Luminous Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation in Shell



-I was having second thought of buying this product, because it was luminous and I have an oily face, so that’s a NO NO for me.But I tried it anyways. This is very cheap from P399 (Regular Price is P499). Prep my face, and put some of this liquid foundation. Surprisingly, it was luminous but also matte, kinda hard to explain but I will put it that way. And this liquid foundation has this great smell, I really love it! It doesn’t clog pores too. This foundation is lightweight, so you can use it daily. Plus it doesn’t look cakey under Ideal Luminous pressed powder. Ideal Luminous liquid foundation is also SPF 15/PA++. I don’t really see any con(S) on this product, so if your planning to buy this product, I’d say, It would definitely a GO!

3.) Skin Goodness Mineral Blush in Blushing Mauve


-I guess, this line of blush from Avon, was named Smooth Minerals before, cause I have one of this and it has the same container, same texture and almost same price.This blush is a must-have because, it is very pigmented, long-lasting, has this natural look. Kinda matte with a little bit of shimmer. Price is from P199 only (Regular Price P250). This blush is enriched with vitamins. It really illumates cheeks and gives a vibrant glow. Con: When using this kind of blush It’s kinda messy.

4.)Super Extend Extreme Mascara in Brown Black



-Do you prefer lenght or thickness? I have short eyelashes so i dig lenght. That’s why I have to use mascara. I really want to have long & curly lashes!! UURGH!!!So I did try this one. It’s cheaper than my last. Maybelline NY Long Extreme Stiletto in black is for P349 While this new one from Avon is for P299 in regular price(sale price is P249). Both has this fibers that really covers/extends from root to tip, to grasp each lash and coat from every angle, achieving that extreme length.What I don’t like about mascara is that it has this pungent smell that triggers my nose to twitch and most of the time make me sneeze. But as girls would always say “Tiis-Ganda” hahaha! Super Extend Extreme Mascara really gave me that natural long lashes as if I wasn’t wearing falsies! 😀

I hope this review/haul will help you pretty ladies out there to buy the right AVON products for you..


Beauty Blog: Reliable?

Being a woman in today’s day and age makes for a ton of things to worry about. Besides never being able to find a pair of jeans that fits just right and losing countless hours to Pinterest and beauty blogs, there are some other universal concerns we all face. Whether you’d rather be caught dead than without your red lipstick on or you’re more of a BB cream and run kind of girl, there are just some things we all need to know. How do you cover dark circles? Which makeup product do we all really need? Which shampoos won’t dry out hair? Will that mascara actually give eyelashes 200% more volume? Inquiring minds need to know.

Regardless of how much makeup you wear on a daily basis or how often you get your hair colored, the search for the best beauty products can be exhausting. Plus, once you get the products, you then have to learn how to apply them, how much you need, which ones will work best for you, etc. Everyone appreciates a little help in these areas. While most of us have that one friend who always knows which concealer to use for what kind of pimple or how to actually do a fishtail braid at home, many of us are left in the dark when it comes to the beauty aisle. So, what’s an under-informed girl to do besides call up the local makeup company consultant? Easy: Head to a makeup blog.