My Halloween Makeup Tutorials 

It’s fun time! Halloween is a very playful time to do some tutorials. 

The first look I did was a simple version of La Muerte. A  Spanish Lady of the Holy Death. 

If you wanna watch it here’s the link. Just click it ->

All the products are included on the description box 😊

And here’s the second one.

I chose this for my second Halloween tutorial because the first one is a little bit scary for my kids. It’s a Leopard Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

If you wanna try this look don’t be hesitant because it’s easy. You can do it as well! Here’s the link below for this tutorial.

Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did! 

Thanks and may God bless us all!



The most awaited season of October! My kids are always super excited for Halloween. Maybe because they have a chance to become what they want to be kahit na just for one day lang. And maybe because of the sweet treats  na rin. 

This is my little Girl wearing my DIY Maleficent costume. She really loved it even though the horn is a little bit heavy. Her kuya naman is wearing his last year’s Halloween costume, Superman.

We started this western tradition here in our place in Maragondon Cavite last 2014. My eldest son gave me an idea. He asked me bakit daw hindi sila nag trick or treat. So since no one is doing trick or treating here, we tried it and other kids from the neighborhood already followed us from doing it every year. And I’m glad we started that tradition here. 

So how bout you what’s your Halloween🎃tradition?