2016 Cebu Vacay

Summer is my favorite season! I just love being under the sun, swimming, walking in the sand, and just having fun with my loved ones especially my kids! They really love swimming too and making sand castles! They love exploring sea creatures like star fish, crabs, baby jellyfish and small fish! 

And now we are back here in Cebu! we really can’t wait to explore Cebu again! The queen city of the south is just to beautiful!!! I fell in love with this place the moment I first went here! 

The food here is amazingly delicious too! Especially their Lechon!!! I really love it! Plus their unique rice, wrapped in banana leaves! Perfect for summer outing! Buy some lechon and Puso (rice wrapped in banana leaves) and your good to go!

These moments are the ones I really treasure because we’re all having fun, everyone’s having a good time! Just makes me feel happy! Only proves that some things in this world that can’t be bought! And for that, I really thank God for these precious moments!

Selfie with my baby girl


Selfie with my baby boy


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