What is the only Permanent in this world?

Have you ever think, is there any permanent in this world? If yes, then what is it?

Sometimes I tend to zone out, and the first thing that pops out in my mind is that, I really, really wish I would have enough time to do everything I wanted. Three of those things is that, I will have sufficient amount of time to be with my love ones, the second is to fulfill my dream to be a successful writer, makeup artist, and painter, and the third is to travel the world.

It’s a really competitive world out there. Sometimes we’re on top, sometimes we’re at the bottom. Struggles will always be there, and the key to being happy or successful is, on how you cope up and move forward.

When I was a kindergarten, and I was in school, I remember, that when I saw my mom leaving, I tend to cry. I really don’t like it when my mom leaves me after she sends me to school because one of my girl classmates is a bully. She always pinched me whenever she comes near me. I don’t know what her reason, but I was so scared of her that I never told my teacher about it or even my mom. So I grew up like that, I don’t really like it when my mom or dad is away from me. Maybe because they never told me to be independent. My mom always does the chores and everything. All I have to do is eat, go to school, play, watch TV and sleep. I never realize how hard it is when I was in my college days after my graduation, I had a major “change” in my life. Change that really shocked me. I got pregnant with my long-distance boyfriend after my graduation. So I never got the chance to pursue my career, because I was having my first baby. So part of that prostration is that after knowing I was pregnant, our parents decided for moral actions. We got married at the age of 19 years old. And it only means that I won’t be living with my parents anymore. That “change” really affects me a lot. Imagine I grew up, they were always at my side, at home or at school, or even in malls, then suddenly I was living my own life without them near me. I was so emotional after our wedding because when I saw my parents leaving me here at my in-laws, I really felt alone for some reason(s). Maybe because it really happened so fast. But I never regret anything that happened to me in the past. Because it made me stronger and happier. I am blessed with a good, faithful, responsible, funny and loving man, plus beautiful and smart babies.

So for me the only permanent in this world is ramadan-a-chance-for-change-2.jpg.

And it’s inevitable. So all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let God take the wheel. Everything that’s happening in our life is in God’s plan. And in God’s plan everything will be ok.

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