Dining on Buffet 101

a little review on BUFFET 101 @ SM MOA, The “Largest Buffet Restaurant in the Philippines”. It was a great GastronomicalExpirience! What a restaurant for every taste, whether you want to try the modern danish kitchen, the Asian kitchen or the french cuisine. I can’t describe every single dish because there’s too much food! A little bit of everything. From appetizers to the main course. From desserts to drinks. It’s heaven!

Buffet 101


I have never been a huge fan of buffets simply because I never seem to enjoy them much. Too much food to eat all at once that you cannot savour the tastes. Buffet 101 has been the only establishment that I seem to tolerate for the ultimate food binges. They have a good selection of Japanese sushi and sashimi as well as more Asian and continental fares. The salad and dessert bars are also widely varied. Peeps with birthdays eat for free and get a complimentary cake. For the price, you get very good value on the dinner buffet. It’s also good to see a head chef overseeing the kitchen and the different stations, which were refilled very quickly. Portioning is good, and they won’t scrimp when you request for more. We also had some good roast Chinese meats, including duck.  I definitely would recommend this place if you want to food binge.


Big thanks to my Ate Flor for inviting me to come at Ate Chin’s birthday.


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